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I recently ordered the Smashing Good Pumpkin Face & Body Clay on my face. After a couple of minutes (if that long) my face was burning so bad that I rinsed with water.

When I looked in the mirror my face was bright red everywhere the product had touched my face. The pain went away immediately after rinsing. I hope the redness doesnt last too long! Severely disappointed.

This was the first and will be the last product I ever buy from Perfectly Posh. I checked the packaging to see if there was a warning that this could happen. There was no warning of any kind. Surely I'm not the first person this has happened to.

I'm sure the company is aware of this side effect. Very irresponsible on behalf of this company.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Perfectly Posh and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I was a Perfectly Posh Consultant and had purchased this product and the first time I used it, it was fine. Six months later, I used it again and I had the very same reaction.

My face is on fire right now and beat red! Hot to the touch. Posh products have never had this affect on my skin. At first I freaked out but saw your complaint when I googled it.

You are not alone and I do NOT have sensitive skin. I wonder if there is an experation on some of the ingredients as that can change the natural scientific chemical make up of the product.


I wonder if they obtained the required licensing from the Smashing Pumpkins for this. Higggghlllllly doubt it.

Well if the band wasn't aware of this, they are now. :D

to Wrong person to eff with Ann #1484767

Hahahahaha I love this so much! Ann was sued by fall out boy for that awful smelling soap fall out girl.

to Sarah #1494857

Whaaaaaaat..... l


This is a detoxifying mask and will always leave redness and a tingling effect. ALWAYS test products on the inside of your elbow to make sure there is no reaction.

Sorry for your disappointment, I hope you strongly reconsider repurchasing something else!

* another tip; always Moisturize after any sort of mask or detox.*

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #1262864

You should spot test any product. My daughter has sensitive skin and has fell asleep in the mask with no issues.

I have never heard of this issue with this product. Maybe you were allergic to something. That is not the companies fault.

It is a de-toxer it stimulates blood flow it can make you a bit red. Moisterise and if it is gone in an hour it's normal.

to Anonymous #1418485

A BIT RED???? I look sunburned!

It looks awful, I really hope this dissipates soon.

It’s very warm to the touch and screaming red. WTF

Seattle, Washington, United States #1248494

You could have an allergic reach natural products. For instance, my mom wouldn't be able to use the products with honey in them because she's allergic. Tell the consultant r concerns and she could try and find you a product that won't have reaction like that.

Bothell, Washington, United States #1236149

Your consultant should have warned you that this can happen. Any beauty products have the chance to do this.

This is also a very strong product, as is any acne oriented product. Just given the look of you skin in this photo, it was just fine on your skin. Pink and red are acceptable responses to facial treatment. It's undertones of purple that are not acceptable.

You also look to have what I would classify as Sensitive skin. Yes I'm an Esthetician.

to Anonymous #1328366

Red for a little bit is okay as long as it doesn't last longer than 30 min to an hour its fine. Smashing good pumpkins is a strong detox face and body detox face mask.

It pulls out all the yuck! Also, always check for allergic reaction on the inside of your wrist. I was a consultant for them I know the product. So trust me.

You should me fine if you bought it from a consultant they should have told you this as too.. Use a moisturizer.

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