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I.have currently been on hold for 30 min still waiting....my consultant that I used is practically ignoring me. I let her know Monday that I received my order but was missing one thing the consultant told me she was working on it but it's Wednesday now obviously she isn't working that hard on it.

Also asked for help to sign up for perks but didn't get any help with that from the consultant either. Missing underlined item

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You notified your consultant on a Monday and you are complaining that you still have no result by Wednesday??? So, you are mad because you haven't heard anything two days later?

Lady, relax!

If it had been a week and a half or two weeks and you hadn't heard anything, ok, give her a call back and ask what's going on - but two days? Give a person a break!


Did you ever get your problem solved? I'm happy to help you if you still need help. Please let me know.


I have a great consultant. She has always helped me out.

And if posh messes up she fixes it right away. Look her up #9962.


I'm so sorry your having a difficult time. I'd love to help you sign up for Perks & get your missing product if you have not already received it. My email is ohmyposhpampering @ gmail.com


Did you get it handled? If not email me your problem what you're missing and your order number hellerjs23@aol.com I can also help you with your perk points :)


Im so sorry this has happened to you. We just upgraded our shipping software and added a new distribution center so some of the orders have been split shipped meaning your order will probably arrive in two seperate shipments. If you need any assistance there are plenty of people that would help you get this resolved if you are still missing something.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #1063079

This must be their M.O. My consultant told me she was working on an issue and ignored me after that.

I was on hold for 40 minutes once and couldn't stay on as I had a small baby at the time. I put in a complaint at BBB and Perfectly Posh never responded.

to Renara #1092990

Im a consultant…. We even have to wait 40+ minutes too BUT once you get through the reps are extremely helpful.

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