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I’ve been a posh consultant for a couple months. I joined not really knowing where I wanted to go with it so I just started trying all the products.

Which I liked but I soon started noticing shady things.. like if a product is on sale you make zero commission off of it. If a customer buys with their perks you get no credit or commission for that. AND you can’t use perks with buy 5 get 1..

THEN I had my first party.. my hostess sold $260. Referral perks should be 10 per 1 over $200.. that’s 2600 perks..

they deposited 500!!! 500.. my only customer didn’t get her birthday perks.. I chalked that up to her birthday month was the month she joined..

then I get an email telling me I have birthday perks . Go to my account and they didn’t put them in. Also perks should be 100=$1 .. I had 900 perks and went to pay for a product they only gave me $3 off!

I may continue to order but won’t sell. I think they are shady and won’t attach my name to them

Product or Service Mentioned: Perfectly Posh Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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so what skin care line do you currently represent?


I really think they make a lot of money off their consultants and really do not make anything easy or affordable for us. It shouldn't take the time it does to make so little money.

to Anonymous #1535273

Of course they make money off their consultants. That's how pyramid schemes work.

That's why they see in business. There prey on desperate consulatants.

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