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You so called beach curls , if I wanted gross oily, nasty looking hair I'd go without washing it for a week.Borrowed a bit of it from a friend after showering instead of my curling mouse, sure wish I had stuck with my mouse atleast my hair doesn't look & feel nasty.

How can you rightfully sell a product that goods up someone's hair. First and only product I have ever tried and would NOT recommend to any of my friends nor family! You can keep your cheesy products! Wow I can't submit until there are actually 100 words!

Not sure what else to say about your cheesy products. Cheap and useless. Just another wanna be hostess home party item.

Atleast if I buy candles they actually work and have a great scent to them.Yours however not.

Review about: Perfectly Posh Hair Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.


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Okay, to the person who anonymously commented, you need to lay off.Quit being rude.

And to the person who said it works great, I don't think the lady who wrote this review used "too much". I think that the products are good depending on the person using them. My mom is a posh consultant and so I use a lot of the products she gets.

My sisters and mom have had fine outcomes with the BFF face wash.However, my face is suffering a serious allergic reaction due to the use of this product.

Ewa Beach, Hawaii, United States #1347849

You probably already had gross, oily, nasty looking hair. Don't blame the product, maybe you should blame your lack of hygiene!


Could you have used too much product?For a "cheesy product " it sure sells out fast.

I've used it myself.Works great when used as directed.

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