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I was one of those people who became a consultant for the perks; commission was never a concern because despite the pipe dreams any MLM will try to sell you, you literally cannot make that much money unless you're at the top of the pyramid. And that's what any MLM is: a pyramid scheme.

If you are a current consultant, please don't step in and talk about putting in work for maximum profit. The profits simply do not overcome the costs of sampling out, purchasing inventory to have on-hand, etc. If you're successful, good for you. Have fun with that.

The main reason that I decided to stop consulting is their constant - and I mean constant - retiring of products to make way for "new" things. It puts pressure on the consultant to constantly promote new things instead of building a consistent customer base who enjoys the same few things. In short, the company is damn annoying. Releasing new products is fine, but getting rid of best-sellers is just downright stupid.

The Beach Blanket and Indigo Girl, for example. Two of their best-loved products that they simply decided to let go. Now they have the nerve to attempt "higher end" facial lines with a price point of around $50, which is hilarious. Anyone who can afford that can shop at Sephora, which is what I do.

Stop retiring popular products. It's a customer killer.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Stop retiring products.

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I do hate that they retire popular products and them you are trying to find replacements for a customer you have the potential to lose because they like what they like. I LOVE of the retired soaps.

I'm a consultant and I order my soaps from eBay so I can get what I want for myself... lolI do love tgeir products however. The shampoo, the hand cremes, the BFF face wash.

My hubby lives the Gender Bender, hunk chunk and the hand cremes too.. he works construction and his hands are always dry.

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Stupid phone. Ignore the grammatical errors. Lol

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