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    • Way she handled my back order 1
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    • Customer service 3
    • Taking my money and not providing products 2

I have been buying from Posh for years. I become a consultant on september 2016. I joined an amazing team. They are helpful,they run contests for us that are fair. I won one my first one and in two more contests. The website is easy to use,when there is an issue the respond back fast and correct it. Have never had an issue with anything at all. Sorry if anyone had a bad experience. I see many are blaming the company cause of a few bad people.... Read more

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I apologize for your experience. I know first impressions are important and I would like to make it up to you. If you please email me your name and what you ordered, I will contact our corporate office to advise them of this issue and try to get you some additional perks for your inconvenience. Please don't let one bad experience with an amazing company such as Perfectly Posh ruin your experience. Please contact me at if you... Read more

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I had made an order, back on August 12, I have yet received it.I had used a credit card so it had already been paid for. I have contacted the family member whom I had made the order through, which lives out of town, three separate times and was told all three times she will mail it out that week. We are now in the middle of October & still no product.I was excited to try something new, but now have changed mind. I have never had anything like... Read more

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I also signed up in Oct. I haven't started to sell yet but I wanted to comment about your frustration. Incase you would like to sell sometime down the road you would need that card/what delayed your kit to come to your door. I understand wanting to try the product out first before making the choice but jumping through hoops later would really be upsetting. The company tried to skip that part to save both parties the hassle. Paying full... Read more

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This picture is what 6oz looks like for $17. Very unpleased && it was in the $50 kit. On October 2nd It's discontinued. Read more

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Perfectly posh is an amazing company! Any issues I have had they handled promptly. Shipping has been coming in less than 2 weeks even with the crazy rush! It's the only product that doesn't break me out and it's working for my children's eczema! So glad I found this product! Read more

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I signed up when they had a special for $50. I figured I'd get to try some products at a good price and see if it was something I'd like to sell. Well they charged me immediately (after adding s/h), but never mailed the kit. Then I found out I had to pay an annual fee to a 3rd party they use to pay consultants (kind of like a prepaid credit card). But this was never explained up front. I asked them to mail the kit they charged me for or issue... Read more

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I went to a perfectly posh party, which was one of the worst parties like this I have been to. But I always feel like I have to buy something at these because I'm friends with the person who was hosting. I purchased their foot exfoliating peel, the consultant had some on hand. Gave her my cc number and she gave me the price of the product plus Tax as my total. Two days later I receive a charge for the product but it was more than what she said... Read more

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Consultants was posting about the early stopping of joining for $50 as soon as they was informed. This was a first time offer and I'm pretty sure when other companies did first time offers like this they had kinks. If you expect everything to be perfect then make sure you are perfect (never made a mistake or had a problem). They had thousands of new consultants to make sure was properly signed up. I'm pretty sure the next time they offer this... Read more

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Perfectly posh had a sign up special for $50 instead of usual $99. They stopped the special hours early, no notifications on social media,whatsoever. I will never join now and i will never purchase another product from them,ever again. Read more

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