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The perk point rewards are a scam you cant spend them when you want on what you want there is a limited selection and you have to make a purchase to spend them so how is that "when you want" as stated? I made a $75 order then realized i had points for my birthday that were expire so i went back in to do so only to have it tell me 1230 points is not enough for a 700 point sample so i asked my consultant and she said i needed to go in and order an... Read more

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I just started using Perfectly Posh products last month (October of 2016). I have nothing negative to day about the products themselves. My only complaint is that the packaging my bath salts came in had been damaged. They really need to be careful with the packaging of the products as someone may be getting an item as a gift. Other than that... AWESOME products. ☺

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If anyone wants to know. Herbivore Botanicals is the most amazing line I have ever used. I just recently tried Posh kale face mask and it did tingle and make my face red. I don't think I completely hate it because it's detoxifying so it Stimulates your blood cells. I have sensitive skin but it never burned, it was cooling almost. I will try this mask again and although it bothers me that their products aren't 100% natutal, I'm still going to try... Read more

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I recently ordered the Smashing Good Pumpkin Face & Body Clay on my face. After a couple of minutes (if that long) my face was burning so bad that I rinsed with water. When I looked in the mirror my face was bright red everywhere the product had touched my face. The pain went away immediately after rinsing. I hope the redness doesnt last too long! Severely disappointed. This was the first and will be the last product I ever buy from Perfectly... Read more

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I am so glad that I tried Perfectly Posh. I have always had the worst luck with facial products, usually ending in painful splotchy dry spots on my face. So far I have tried 5 different facial products and no splotchy spots! Their lotions are awesome too!! I can use their lotions one time in the mornings and still smell it late evening. I have never had a lotion last that long. And for dried cracking heals to become a past thing without the... Read more

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Not a consultant or really even a customer. However, i probably would have been as i was interested in some products but the companys greedy policies changed my mind. First, the consultant i had contact with sent me some samples as part of a promotion to test out what i wanted to get. Each product sample was so miniscule that i couldnt have any idea if i liked it or not because there was not even enough to try once. Then, there return policy is... Read more

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I ordered a starter kit over two months ago after some difficulty because of maintenance on the website. I didn't open my box right away when it arrived two weeks later until i received an email saying that the company accidently sent two kits and that i had to return one. I called the company because one of my friends wasn't unable to get a kit because the website maintenance and she wanted to buy it off of me. I asked them just to charge me... Read more

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I have been buying from Posh for years. I become a consultant on september 2016. I joined an amazing team. They are helpful,they run contests for us that are fair. I won one my first one and in two more contests. The website is easy to use,when there is an issue the respond back fast and correct it. Have never had an issue with anything at all. Sorry if anyone had a bad experience. I see many are blaming the company cause of a few bad people.... Read more

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I apologize for your experience. I know first impressions are important and I would like to make it up to you. If you please email me your name and what you ordered, I will contact our corporate office to advise them of this issue and try to get you some additional perks for your inconvenience. Please don't let one bad experience with an amazing company such as Perfectly Posh ruin your experience. Please contact me at if you... Read more

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I had made an order, back on August 12, I have yet received it.I had used a credit card so it had already been paid for. I have contacted the family member whom I had made the order through, which lives out of town, three separate times and was told all three times she will mail it out that week. We are now in the middle of October & still no product.I was excited to try something new, but now have changed mind. I have never had anything like... Read more

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