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This is a non-refundable company. My first order & I received an already opened & partially used container of blessed out body sugar scrub! Inexcusable! Then there's only 1 phone number, which nobody ever answers. This a an extremely shady company where I wasted $70! I would discourage anybody from purchasing from this company! And totally over priced for the crappie product you get. Read more

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Perfectly Posh is suffering from having grown too quickly and clearly being run by inept managers. Shipping time of "up to 10 days" is not acceptable. I can get orders from competitors within 3 days- for the same price. They cannot fill my order because it's too large (10 items!?) and apparently those items are in multiple warehouses. So their excuse is that there is a delay in processing. Really? Who does that? Is the shipping department run... Read more

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I tried the "Stay Gold" mask and it chemically burned my face, there is a clear line where I didn't apply it and I'm glad I washed it off when I did I look like I've been out in the sun for hours with sunglasses on and no sunscreen, definitely not repurchasing

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I have been trying to reach out to you since I placed my order yesterday. YOUR system stated that it there was an error and my order wasn't placed. I received NO confirmation # that it went thru. THEN I went back to place the order again and I received a confirmation number - 5754084-0. Then realized that you charged me twice when I received 2 confirmation numbers and emails. I immediately called your customer service department was CLOSED... Read more

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As a consultant, if you purchase inventory you're going to lose money. Every new catalog roll out lots of products get retired and replaced with different products. Then the discontinued product goes on clearance and you can't even sell your inventory for what you paid. They also rolled out a new credit card that they deposit your commission checks onto. It has a dollar transfer fee so if you use your commission to pay for things that don't... Read more

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I saw the car that they drive and the woman in it was texting and driving on the highway and a cop car as near by

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Last summer was my first experience with Perfectly Posh and the consultant I worked with was super nice and ready to help without being pushy. I ordered and really enjoyed the Farmers Market Skindelicious body butter and absolutely loved it. My skin smelled yummy like a watermelon Jolly Rancher and with no irritation like I experience with other moisturizers that are heavy on the perfume smell. That being said, as much as I wanted more, $22 for... Read more

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I tried a sample of the Smashing Good Pumpkin mask (it says to keep it on up to 15 min) and after 2 minutes my face was burning so bad. I washed it off and my face was almost purple-red from how bad it burned my skin. You could see a clear line on my skin where the mask wasn't used - it looked & felt horrible. Couldn't get an answer from the consultant or the company and had to go to the dr immediately from the pain. For something with tee tree... Read more

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When I was buying Posh products from my mentor, I had no problem getting anything I ordered. I love the products so much that I decided to become a consultant myself. Since then, it has been nothing but a train wreck. I have placed 4 orders and to date have not received any of them. Yes - it took me 4 times to learn this lesson. I would send notes in the Posh Box asking why nothing was being shipped, but no resolution came of those. When I... Read more

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Im a perfectly posh consultant and until I was a consultant, I was highly pleased with the products. Yes, it took them FOREVER to ship them out but the products were always good. Now that I'm a consultant, I have found the products to be over priced, not work the way their supposed to and Ive even had things taken off of my order and never sent. Just today I checked to see when an order from last month was supposed to get here and for some... Read more

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